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VIP Services

Ultimately, we want to ensure that Saleeby & Associates is the right fit for you and your investment needs.  It is important that we establish a good rapport with our clients and that you fully understand and feel comfortable with our investment philosophy. We strive to ensure that our services are an added value by aligning your needs with the right investment choices and ultimately delivering results.

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Our goal is to build a solid foundation to make your transition to Saleeby & Associates as easy, smooth, and as comfortable as possible. We put you first and listen to your questions and concerns. We are proactive in asking questions to gauge your investment experience, what you want and expect, and what it might take for the desired outcome.  We believe in taking the long approach and getting to know your goals and objectives to help you navigate through market volatility and life changing events that could possibly derail your goals.  We take into consideration your risk tolerance and try to understand your background and lifestyle as well.  Once you become a client, we will discuss a plan for your existing portfolio; set up your account on a discretionary fee basis which requires us to operate in your best interest; and continuously work on solutions to meet your needs.


Asset and Wealth Management

Ray will suggest various investment options and solutions to formulate a comprehensive plan customized to meet your needs while balancing your portfolio.  He will assess various factors such as:

1) Your goals, objectives, and dreams;

2) Your risk profile, values or companies/industries you want to avoid;

3) Your prior investment experience, performance, expectations and any disappointments along the way;

4) Your financial needs (kids’ college fund, retirement distributions, anticipated expenses, etc.);

5) Communication preferences;

6) Optimal type of account (IRA, trust, joint accounts, etc.);

7) Your income sources now and in the future; and

8) Your investment time horizon


Advice and Guidance

Investing is a lifelong journey that requires vigilance over time.  We constantly review income vs. growth, big cap vs. small cap, domestic vs. foreign, high beta vs. low beta risk to adjust to various economic climates. In addition, we try to manage around the unknown and undefinable. Our goal is to help our clients avoid letting their emotions lead to erratic decisions, especially in times of personal or economic stress.  One must have trust and confidence in his/her advisor to accommodate life planning, listen to his/her financial situations, and develop a plan with the highest probability of achieving his/her expectations with the least amount of risk. We are focused and disciplined to try to make uncertainty more certain.  You can request a special customized portfolio report that is more in depth about your investments. We are here to guide and advise you throughout your financial journey. Even though it is never a straight line, we can help you stay on course.

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We believe communication is imperative to a successful relationship which includes sharing research on various topics of interest. Ray enjoys sharing his abundance of incredible knowledge, experience and expertise with his clients. In the 1980s & 1990s, he published a newsletter that received national attention. In 2014, Ray decided to publish his newsletter once again which is distributed on a national platform called Harvest on a delayed basis. His newsletter contains his thoughts on topics like finances, lifestyle, and economics (click here for examples of the newsletter). He also calls clients on a quarterly basis to give updates on their portfolio, current market and economic conditions, and to find out if anything has changed (career, family, lifestyle wise) in order to adjust proactively. Ultimately, Ray and his staff are always available to assist our clients.

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Financial Planning

We have a financial planning process called Envision where our clients can receive a full financial plan free of charge. We also try to provide concierge service with five-star treatment to exceed your expectations. We understand this is a continuous process that requires constant review, planning, advice, guidance, monitoring and implementation to meet our client’s expectations.


Retirement Strategy

Today Americans are living longer; therefore, retirement savings need to be stretched out further. They need more flexibility by not relying entirely on total government assistance in order to achieve their retirement goals.

Before you retire, you need to understand the consistency and taxability of your assets and wealth. Likewise, retirees need to be aware of any government or employee retirement benefits (i.e. social security, Medicare, pensions, profit sharing plan, etc.).  But equally important is the expense side of the equation.  Retirees typically spend about 80-85% of their normal expenses after retirement and with people living longer, one must maintain a budget. The investment community typically uses the 4% rule which says you can withdraw 4% of your portfolio value each year in retirement.  In many cases, this is easier said than done. What complicates the matter is that nobody knows how long they will live, or in what condition. Many assume returns of 6-7% a year which is not an easy task especially going forward with low interest rates. Taxes and inflation certainly play a role as well. Ultimately, you must evaluate your goals and objectives and determine your risk tolerance because not all retirees have the same resources, circumstances, and objectives. We can help you evaluate these factors and develop a plan to achieve your goals and objectives.

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