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Retirement Considerations

At Saleeby & Associates, we strive to understand your wishes and facilitate a realistic retirement plan based on your age. We tailor your portfolio accordingly and take into consideration the current and future investment environment on an ongoing basis.

Below are questions to consider:

  1. When should we take social security and how much will we receive?

  2. Can I provide my children or grandchildren some assets without encumbering our lifestyle? There might be unforeseen or foreseen circumstances and needs, i.e. house purchase, student loans…

  3. Do I have enough to pay for assisted care or a retirement facility? Furthermore, do I need extensive estate planning so that the assets are utilized in the best way for the retiree’s future and future generations.

One of the biggest concerns for most retirees is that they will outlive their money and be totally dependent on the government or others. Our founder, Ray Saleeby, remembers when interest rates were 18% and bonds were very attractive. Today, interest rates are 0-1% and bonds are certainly less attractive. In order to achieve the 4% rule, Ray believes in a larger mix of stocks with consideration for taxes and inflation. We generally put a larger mix of stocks and other investments. This is partly because of the low yields in the bond market, in particular the treasury market. Since the 1990s, many people follow the stock allocation rule to hold a percentage of stocks equal to 100 minus their age (80-year-old = 20% stocks and 80% bonds; 40-year-old = 60% stocks and 40% bonds). But that assumption might not work in today’s landscape. Healthcare is another big concern since its one of the top three retirement expenses along with housing and food. However, healthcare is the most unpredictable and largest risk in upsetting one’s finances. There are many variables that retirees can encounter which need to be aligned with their finances (risk tolerance, unexpected expenses) along with various economic cycles. We not only want to meet your needs today but also meet your needs tomorrow and to minimize negative outcomes. We stand ready to help and guide you.

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