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The Saleeby Difference

Today, a financial advisor’s skill set is certainly different from when Ray started his career in 1982. Fixed commissions started to become negotiable in 1975, which started the rise of discount brokerage firms. This opened entry to a wider spectrum of brokers, more active trading and increased liquidity. It broadened the base of advisors and increased investor interest. At the time, most advisors/stockbrokers simply sold stocks, mutual funds and bonds. Investments were certainly less complicated and confusing compared to today. With the introduction of the internet, access to research has increased, making it easy to access company information in a split second.

We know that choosing a financial advisor can be a stressful experience, especially with 600,000+ advisors, 50,000+ publicly traded stocks worldwide, 40,000+ mutual funds and 5,000+ Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). Many investors are overwhelmed with advisor choices and investment decisions. We understand that outside of one’s health this could be the second most life altering decision and can’t be taken lightly. And because everyone’s situation is unique, we never apply a “one size fits” all solution.  We think you can accomplish more with Saleeby & Associates due to our notable strengths as highlighted below:

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Extensive Knowledge and Experience

Today, there are so many financial products available that I feel most advisors are overwhelmed and do not have a clue what they are selling or offering (i.e. CMOs worldwide crisis). In fact, I believe this greatly contributed to the 2008 stock market correction. Nevertheless, today’s advisor must be more knowledgeable and experienced to deal with the variables that affect investors. They also need timely solutions to ward off problems. We believe our knowledge, experience and resources help solve many problems before they occur. It also allows us to leverage volatility and maintain an even temperament while finding solutions for our clients.

Passion and Dedication

Ray is a firm believer in research, research, research (much like a good real estate agent would tell you location, location, location). He is enthusiastic about his job and spends 60 hours or more a week working without ever missing a day of work due to illness.  Unlike many firms, Ray is available at the office most weekend days and promptly returns calls during good times and bad.  He is self-motivated to learn about various industries, companies and products to ultimately enhance his clients returns. Most importantly, he is passionate about making clients’ money and achieving their goals.  He has worked hard to cultivate a great reputation and would not risk or compromise it for any reason.

High Standards

We have high standards and set the bar even higher because you deserve the best.  We know that choosing a financial advisor can be a stressful experience with numerous choices and factors to consider.  Many investors have information overload or analysis paralysis and do not have the time to make an educated decision. Believe it or not, many financial advisors are not fiduciaries. That means they do not have to put your interest first. Our president, Ray Saleeby, has always put the client’s interest first despite regulations requiring it, because he believes integrity is paramount.  Throughout his career, he has never had a written client complaint. This is remarkable, considering the longevity and the amount of assets handled by him (currently over $375 million).  He is a registered investment advisor representative with Cutter & Company.

Unbiased Advice and Transparency

We know trust is a vital ingredient in any client relationship and we always put our client's interest first.  We strive to exceed your expectations because you deserve the very best. You work hard for your savings and finding the right financial advisor who cares about your goals and needs is paramount. Unlike many financial advisors, we do not push proprietary, illiquid, or packaged products; we do not have sales quotas that influence our decision making or sell products to benefit our firm.  We value transparency with our investments and fees (no double fees) and strive to provide a simple and seamless experience.

A Comprehensive Plan

Your financial plan encompass more than just setting up a portfolio. If there are concerns or areas beyond our expertise, we will utilize other professionals (i.e. accountant, lawyer) to gain a better understanding of your circumstances or we can suggest professionals to aid you in the decision-making process. We believe in developing relationships with our clients to understand your background and lifestyle of areas outside of just investment management. This may include potentially simplifying and consolidating accounts, family and estate planning, working with an attorney and/or accountant, retirement and income planning, debt management, life-style planning, educational funding, charitable giving, risk management analysis (tax efficiency) or transferring wealth.  We offer a full range of services and wealth management capabilities and are passionate about getting clients on the right track.

VIP Service

Ray and his team aims to provide the best VIP service for our clients. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and desires and provide comprehensive solutions.  Cutter & Company (a regional St. Louis firm) also provides back-office services in which Saleeby & Associates is licensed to operate as financial advisor representatives.  In addition, Cutter & Company relies upon First Clearing Corporation (a non-bank affiliate of Wells Fargo) to give us full-service products and services.

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