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Saleeby & Associates, Inc.

Achieving Your Goals is Our Passion

Financial Freedom

Are You Headed Down the Right Path?

Aside from our family and health, most of us worry about our financial well being. The key to building wealth is starting young, developing good financial habits, and finding the right financial advisor to actively manage a diversified portfolio.

Setting goals is a critical first step and while we all dream of having unlimited funds, most of us must prioritize our spending between family, social activities, investments, education, healthcare, personal objectives and financial security.  It is imperative to figure out the right course of action to achieve your goals.  We can help you navigate and potentially accelerate the process to get you on the right path and steer you away from obstacles.  Our knowledge is our edge and we want to make a real difference for you and your family. 

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The Adventure Begins

Invest in Your Dreams and Make Them a Reality

We believe in providing exceptional services that cater to your needs.  Our president, Ray Saleeby, has over 40+ years of investment experience and valuable knowledge to distinguish himself from other financial advisors. 

Although he oversees approximately $375 million client assets, he offers clients a low entry point of $400,000 to qualify for investing with us. Many dynamics contribute to Ray’s success. But we believe it is a result of his independent research/analysis, proprietary investment methodology, solid team, and unwavering commitment to honesty, integrity, and first class service.

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Where Trust and Confidence are Paramount ®

Our business exists to serve people and our priority is taking care of our clients. We work hard to earn their trust and confidence while delivering results that make us proud. Our biggest compliment is our stable client base with many multi-decade and multi-generational clients, and numerous referrals. But our greatest triumph is seeing our clients fulfill and exceed their expectations and dreams.


Expertise, Intuition, & Ingenuity

Ray's proprietary investment approach has evolved to optimize and leverage his extensive knowledge and experience. His strategy is one of patience versus trying to “time the market”. His stock selections are based on an anticipated buy-and-hold strategy of approximately 1-3 years. While Ray follows analyst reports, he does extensive independent research and analysis to make informed decisions. We do not sell equities to obtain a commission, meet a sales quotas, or sell a product to benefit our firm.



Financial Peace of Mind

Ray believes that success is never final but something that drives you to greatness.  He is passionate about exceeding performance indexes and his dedication goes beyond meeting fiduciary standards.  We know your time is precious and our goal is to make your financial investments seem effortless.  Many investors are wise enough to recognize that they do not have the time, patience, knowledge or self discipline that is needed to manage their own money. We can help you stay focused on your financial future.

Whether you want to begin investing or your current advisor is not meeting your expectations, we can help meet your needs of tomorrow.  We will work diligently to gain your trust and confidence while adding value because your success is our success.  We appreciate your consideration in seeking our services and look forward to going above and beyond what other financial firms offer.

It's Your Future... 
Make it Happen

"People can be divided into three groups:

those who make things happen,

those who watch things happen, and

those who wonder what happened"

           ~ John W. Newborn


11301 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63141


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