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Do I have to be a Missouri resident to invest with your comany?

No. Ray is licensed to operate in most states.  Therefore you do not need to be a Missouri resident.  It is our fiduciary responsibility to ensure that we have adequate licenses to operate in your state.

What is your account minimum?

Because our strategies are complicated and equity-centric, we request $400,000 investment minimum.

How do I know my money is safe?

Our firm is registered with the SEC and our president, Raymond Saleeby, values his integrity and reputation. He believes in having a long-term relationship with his clients and utilizes a third-party for account activity to maintain independence. While there are never any guarantees in the stock market, Ray has worked in the financial industry for over 40+ years and never had a consumer complaint filed on his FINRA record.

Do you actively monitor my account?

Yes. Ray's reads analyst reports, performs his own independent research, talks to corporate executives, monitors stock market activity, and adjusts his client portfolios on an ongoing basis.

What is Saleeby & Associates' investment philosophy?

Our investment philosophy is based on a few key factors:
a. Diversification: Portfolio diversification is essential to enhancing your returns while also reducing your risk over time. Ray is a multi-asset class money manager, meaning that he incorporates exposure to an array of diversified stocks and bonds on a global basis.
b. Growth vs. Value: Ray tends to invest in value stocks but also looks at company's with growth opportunity. 
c. Types Of Investments: We typically invest in a larger mix of stocks with consideration for taxes and inflation. We consider investments such as Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) and preferred stock.  
d. Market Timing: We may manage volatility but we do not try to time the market top or bottom by adjusting your portfolio based upon a market ‘hunch’. Studies have repeatedly shown the dangers of market timing, as calling the markets wrong can prove very costly.

How often will we discuss my account?

We believe in being proactive and try to call our clients once a quarter to discuss your portfolio and the market. We issue a monthly newsletter to discuss factors that may influence the market.  If you have any questions or concerns, Ray and his staff are always available for consultation and advice.

How do I know you are qualified to handle my assets?

Our president, Raymond F. Saleeby Jr., has a Series 7 license to sell investment products with a commission and a Series 65 to conduct fee/advisory services. He has over 40+ years experience in the industry with no complaints noted on his FINRA record. Check us out on under Broker Check to review our FINRA record to verify Ray has no violations reported.

Are you a fiduciary?

Yes. Fiduciary advisors must always work in their client’s best interest. If an advisor is not a fiduciary, this means that the advice you receive might not align with what’s best for you, and could be influenced by commissions or other factors. The vast majority of our clients are managed with full discretion and therefore fall into this category.  For the few older clients we manage on a commission basis, we are not required to act as a fiduciary but certainly act in their best interest. 

How many assets do you manage?

Our president, Ray Saleeby, oversees approximately $375 million in client assets and has a dedicated staff available to assist his clients.

Do you receive any incentives for choosing a particular stock?

No. I am not subject to sales quotas, do not participate in sales contests and I'm not required to meet any kind of minimums in trading.  I am truly independent.  

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